NZ Brand FITNIT was first established in January 2015 by NZ owner Jamie Best.

Prior to establishing FITNIT I was a Police officer in the NZ Police for almost 8 years. I attended daily incidents of Domestic & Family violence and saw many woman who were beaten up and injured from often becoming Victims in these situations.  It was clear that many of these Woman had little to no self esteem so I developed FITNIT a brand to stand for helping woman develop themselves through exercise and fitness.

I truely believe that exercise is the answer for developing confidence and self esteem. With body confidence comes strength and mental wellbeing.   Beautiful activewear is what makes us feel even more amazing.

FITNIT is all about being honest with our customers and showing where our products are made is a big part of what makes FITNIT different, All of our products are designed in NZ and the brand is 100% NZ owned our garments are manufactured in Pakistan with fair trading policies and with fair payment to workers.  We have a small factory in Pakistan and do not mass produce any styles we also have a great relationship with our factory and know all of the circumstances around the manufacturing of our product so that we can make sure those who are making our amazing garments are being treated right and looked after along the way.

We believe its whats on the inside that counts when it comes to our packaging to, So we don't have flash packaging that is damaging to the environment.  All of our packaging is ECO and ENVIROMENTALLY friendly and basic however your items inside the packaging are FAR FAR from basic :)

Alongside FITNIT I run a business called MAD FIT which stands for Mum & Dad Fitness this is where we run daily workout sessions for local mums and dads to network and develop their confidence even further.

I believe that all woman should be able to feel great when working out so I have designed FITNIT to cater for all shapes and sizes from size 6 -22 I have also removed labels like XL and replaced our labels with confidence building labelling like Cute Curves & Cuter Curves etc.

FITNIT is designed to help woman develop confidence in all who wear it. I have worked hard to make the designs the absolute BEST in the industry and Ive listened to all of the input over the last few years from my amazing clients and the mums who I train. 

FITNIT provides HIGHER waisted ,Top Quality fabrics and a squat proof promise  that ensures every shape and size looks flattering and feels great when wearing it.  

If you are wearing FITNIT you can be assured that your rocking a quality NZ designed brand that represents a support network of woman building each other up and supporting one another.

Our Collections all have meaning - Read about the styles before you buy.
Our Collections all have meaning - Read about the styles before you buy.


Uniqueness is our thing so you can rest assured you will always be unique (We do not mass produce we only produce small limited edition quantities of each style.

  1. Styles designed for comfort & to build your confidence
  2. Peace of mind promise - If you not in love with your new activewear simply send it back for a full refund or to swap for another style.
  3. NZ Designed.
  4. Eco & Enviro FRIENDLY Your orders will have no plastic at all when they arrive.

"WOW I can't rate these tights highly enough ,I have just finished 1 hour of ZUU and for the FIRST time ever I didn't have to pull them up or fidget with them once SUPER HAPPY"

-Tracey Chapman


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