Hey guys HAPPY MONDAY for some of you & Im sure for some of you it might not be so Happy...

We all have shit days lets be honest and its not like we put that on social media because everyone is trying to look like they are coping even if in reality we always have days we are aren't coping. 

Life is always going to throw you curve balls aside from Fitness some of the things that have really helped me navigate life I’ve popped below.

These are ways to make a shit day better too so if your currently having a shitty time you could try some of these to life your mood. ❤️If you are having a shit day know that its only temporary. When it rains it pours but the SUN always re appears if you wait it out.

1. Write a to do list & the things you least want to do first!
2. Clean your house 🏡 seriously cleaning is such a good way to de stress. I just got some great containers from Kmart and reorganised my whole kitchen cupboard lol...
3. Declutter and donate some of your stuff to a charity. I love a good clear out!
4. Go for a walk or a run or exercise.
5. Have a shower and do your makeup. Looking good helps you feel better.
6. Meditate (Ive never done this but apparently its great lol) 
7. Meet a friend for a ☕️.
8. Read a book it’s a great way to zone out.
9. Avoid the scales ⚖️… seriously nothing ever good comes from weighing yourself.
10. Pay it forward. Doing something nice for for someone else naturally will make you feel better.
11. Limit alcohol consumption . Alcohol is a depressant….
12. Book something to look forward too.
13. Get out and pull some weeds out of the garden seriously this is a great way to de stress it’s like “pull out the weeds while thinking of the negativity you want to eliminate from your life”
14. People cull . It sounds brutal but if your using a heap of your energy and it’s not being reciprocated you have to sometimes step away or you’ll continue to get hurt by it.
15. Hangout with your dog if you have one or offer to walk someone else’s lol. Dogs 🐕 are great!
16. Drink a few glasses of water and go outside changing your environment can lift your mood
17. Organise your life more by using a calendar of desk planner.
18. Put your phone in a box and ignore it for a few hours looking at everyone’s “happy” shit won’t make you happier .
19. Be 100% present with whatever your doing.
20. Write some goals down in your diary that you want to achieve.


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