True Diversity is Authentic

Just a sneak peak of yesterdays shoot & now lets talk about Brand Diversity.

I find nothing more Inappropriate, Offensive & Fake than when I see Brands or Influencers trying to hard to be Diverse.

Diversity in my view within a brand should not need to be "staged" A Brand who is truly Diverse is also Authentic & Does not need to "TRY" to be Diverse.

If you look at a photo a brand posts & its obvious that they are just doing it to try & be considered as Diverse I think its so cringe worthy.

Like why do they need to do this when they have stunning friends & family all around them that Im sure could happily model there clothing etc & make it look AMAZING. All of there friends arent the "same" we all look different, we all have different upbringings & beliefs, We are all from different cultures etc too. We are all naturally different shapes and sizes too.

We aren't "Models" Fitnit doesn't use "Models" or "Influencers" and I dont care if you dont have followers or if you have heaps of followers.... I am bloody blessed to know loads of amazing Mums who are all STUNNING inside & out and I am honoured to have them rocking my brand day in and day out so this is why we always get them to be the Models!

When I ask people to do photos for my brand I don't do a post like.... "I need someone who is this size, I need someone who is this ethnicity, I need someone who is this tall etc.... That to me is not DIVERSE thats being selective and its hideous that its like that in this day and age.

When we do a new collection and a photoshoot I just pop up a post saying " Im doing a photoshoot and I need ladies to help out!" This is the outcome.... Stunning, REAL WOMAN not certain types that I have hand selected....

We are all naturally very different to one another I don't need to ask for a specific shape or size or height or ethnicity because everyone who rocks FITNIT is bloody amazing anyway!!!

Proud of these ladies yesterday & very thankful that they came along & helped out yesterday because the outcome was WOW & I am so in love with these photos!! Thank you to WonderFerris who are amazing photographers!!

Anyway rant over but I feel more brands should get those around them to just rock their range instead of specifying requirements.


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