Having thick skin

Everyone has an opinion, Everyone has a view of what they think is the "right way to do things"
Just remember what matters in your journey is your own opinion and decisions not anyone elses and you cant please everyone because everyone has had different experiences of motherhood and what they think is the right way. 

Becoming a Mum its a new thing everyday you learn as you go and sometimes you have to follow your gut on what you thinks the "right way". I think everything you do will always be subject to criticism at times because your view on things wont always sit right with someone else.

If you give your baby a dummy or if you don't. If you breast feed or if you don't. If you choose to start solids at 4months old or you don't. If you choose to exercise when you're pregnant or if you don't.  If you lose weight to fast after having the baby or you don't lose any weight. All of these things people unfortunately will have their own opinions on but you have to have tough skin and just ignore any criticism that doesn't sit right with your gut instinct. 

If you choose to have a 1st birthday party or if you don't. If you choose to let your little one sleep in your bed or if you don't. If you rock your baby to sleep or if you don't. If you're strict with routine or if you're not. If you move your baby into their own room early or if you don't. If you don't want people holding your baby/child. if you put them in daycare young or you don't. All of these things people will have opinions on BUT remember everyones journey is different and what works for you is what truly matters.  

If you have an epidural, if you  have a home birth, if you have an elective c section or a vaginal birth , if you take the placenta home or you don't  All of these are YOUR decision to make and sometimes you wont even get the choice but no ones opinions/decision/choices are more important than your own. Don't let anyone tell you what you should do just do what you feel is the right way and what works for you and your own family. 

Some days it's just about getting through the day and keeping your baby happy and healthy and ALIVE.  & Trust me if you haven't had a baby yet you have NO idea how life changing it truly is. I thought I was going to do so many things differently to what I have actually done and thats because you just don't know what its like until you're in it.

What I can say with confidence is everyMUM does their best and you might not always "please society" with your choices but thats totally fine DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU because at the end of the day a happy mum & happy baby is all that matters.



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