What we are about

This was from our photoshoot the other day. This photo to me is such a great representation of what my brand Fitnit is about.

All of these ladies including me are MUMS. All of these Ladies were really quite nervous about doing this photoshoot when I messaged them.

All of them told me it was so out of their comfort zone & when we got to the photoshoot I knew there were nerves especially around wearing the crop top.

I wanted these Ladies to see what I saw BEAUTIFUL MUMS. I didn't see any of the imperfections that they thought they had. I explained to them that they all looked amazing and they all thought each other looked AMAZING too. 

This is what FITNIT represents We are everyday NZ woman.FITNIT isn’t about a one size fits all policy. It represents Woman of all ages, shapes & sizes. It’s about real Woman feeling comfortable & looking amazing in activewear.  

I dont need "Models" rocking FITNIT because everyday MUMS are who wear it best! They are the ones out there everyday rocking the brand. These Ladies aren't influences on social media but they have the most influential role ever & thats being a role model to their beautiful little ones. 

We ALL have flaws because we are HUMAN but beauty is something every woman has & that shit comes from within & guess what… You might have imperfections and feel insecure about something to do with your looks but I bet no one else sees the imperfections that you see on yourself. We are to hard on ourselves. 

Personality is what makes someone really truly beautiful. If you go your whole life wanting to look a different way you’ll never be happy. We all look different for a reason because we are HUMAN & are suppose to look different from one another.

Embrace what you have & rock it because it makes you UNIQUE and be a good person because that will always make you even more beautiful ❤️

Freckles, stretch marks , scars, love handles, saggy boobs, long legs, short legs, dimples, wrinkles, grey hair, long hair , short hair  whatever it may be rock it anyway because that’s what makes you YOU and YOU are all you will ever be and that’s perfect in its own special unique way.

Jamie xx


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