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Expectations,Opinions & Advice from people when your pregnant or have just had a baby....Can be #ANNOYING #STRESSFUL & #RUDE but can also be #AMAZING #HELPFUL & #SUPPORTIVE  remember they are also usually coming from a good place and people do genuinely want to help you. 

Questions I was asked such as Should you be training? Who has your baby? You should really be at home with your baby while he is this young.....Are you breastfeeding?Did you have a natural birth?Did you have pain relief ?Are you using a dummy?Why are you still training?Just a few of the common questions FROM STRANGERS..Is it really any of your business is what I wanted to say but I didnt.. I knew that they were asking 1. Because they were curious. 2. Because they probably wanted to offer some help and 3. Because they maybe were just being a little noisy.. I mean we are all HUMANS. 

If you are pregnant now or a new Mum here is a warning. Everyone has an opinion on everything. Everyone makes judgements on everything maybe not out loud but we all have our own opinions of what is right and what isn't and I think most mums would agree that we all think we are AMAZING MUMS once we become a MUM so we want to help other MUMS. 

Everyone will want to know every detail. Most of the advice and opinions of course are coming from a good place. I felt offended a lot when I was pregnant but looking back now I shouldnt have felt offended I should have just understood this is the "MUM CLUB"

The second you become pregnant you join the "MUM CLUB" Its kind of a secret club that you don't really realise your joining. The club where almost every single MUM will want to help you and its actually amazing but YOU also have to do what feels right for you. The MUM CLUB is amazing because everyone in it has been on the same journey as you & everyone has had a different journey with different ups & downs and highs and lows. No TWO people have actually experienced the same journey and your journey will also be your own. 

You can research everything and listen to everyones advice but what really matters is that you know that every decision you make is OK as long as your baby is healthy and happy thats what counts. Remember that being part of the MUM CLUB means you can also ask any MUM you know for some advice and every MUM you ask will offer slightly different advice based on their own experiences.

Remember these things .. Here is my NEW MUM added advice :P What matters is that my baby is fed.. it doesn’t matter how .What matters is my baby is healthy and I’m healthy.What matters is my baby is looked after and loved it doesn’t matter how.What matters is I’m also looking after my mental health it doesn’t matter how. What matters is I know that now I am part of the MUM CLUB I can actually ask lots of MUMS for advice & help and most of them will always be happy to help.

I’ve never had so many people openly ask me about my boobs since I’ve had a baby ...and I never had so many people comment on my growing belly when I was pregnant the one thing I did wish was that  people would keep there opinions to themselves about my growing belly I KNEW IT WAS GROWING.. I really did NOT like being told it was growing everyday :P

I listened to lots of advice and I also did get lots of amazing help BUT also went with my gut feeling on things too and what I choose to do is my choice and it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

Whether you have pain relief or no pain relief during birth. Whether you have a C Section or Vaginal birth. Whether you breast feed or never breast feed. Whether you use cloth nappies or NEVER use cloth nappies. Whether you co sleep or choose to never co sleep. Whether you do skin to skin straight away or choose not to . Whether you use a dummy or choose not to. Whether you start solids early or late. Whether you use a Midwife or an OB. The choice is YOURS & Don't let anyone else make those choices for you. Do YOU Mumma and go with your GUT because YOU ARE THE BEST MUM IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO YOUR LITTLE PERSON regardless of your decisions.

This photo from when he was just one week old! He’s still alive (Now almost 6 months old) He is  happy and healthy and growing so I think that’s what matters. I have made lots of my own choices and so far the choices I have made are working so Im going to keep doing that. I do now LOVE being part of the "MUM CLUB" because its actually the most special. 😉 💙#mumlife 

He may have to start rocking FITNIT tights soon ....Or maybe I will actually design a specific boys range :P 

Jamie x 


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