I know I have written about this before but its something I AM SO PASSIONATE about changing and thats the DAMAGE that HUMANS are doing to our amazing planet everyday. 

Please take 5 minutes to read this & Ive posted some images below to help you realise how horrific the actual problem is.

Sir David Attenborough is one of my biggest idols in the world and the documentaries he has created are a SURE sign of the effects global warming is having on our environment and the HORRIFIC ways humans are creating GLOBAL WARMING.

The question is WHAT WILL IT TAKE for everyone to make those changes because we are all a small piece of the puzzle and every part is important in protecting our WORLD.

The result if nothing changes is potentially the end of our WORLD which won't affect us directly but whether its our children who are affected or our childrens children its SOMETHING that must be either prevented by us otherwise the WORLD will stop us all together .

My ask to you is to make small changes now and everyday of your life to help with this rather than contributing to it.

The small things you can do.

1. Share this message so its spread because knowledge is power and if more people make small changes it will make a big difference.

2. If you are out shopping and the shop assistance offers you a plastic bag - DECLINE it (Plastic is a major contributing factor to killing our marine life) Just today a pregnant whale washed up on a NZ beach and was found to have 20kg of plastic in its stomach which prevented the whale being able to feed its baby and led to both mammals dying.

3. STOP using plastic whenever POSSIBLE . Yesterday walking around the supermarket I saw a number of people getting individual plastic bags just to put a few pieces of fruit or their vegetables in! This BREAKS my heart because when they get home that plastic gets thrown away and will eventually end up in our SEA or contributing to global warming by the way its disposed of. You can simply put your vegetables and fruit straight into the trolley.

4. TAKE your own bags to the supermarket (CANVAS not plastic)


6. Walk more and use your vehicle less if possible.


8.  AVOID buying things in plastic whenever you can.

9. HOLD ACCOUNTABLE any brand you are buying off that still has plastic packaging by not supporting that brand .

10. Places like Mcdonalds,Burger King & A lot of other fast food restaurants are still using NON ECO FRIENDLY straws if you order from these places ask for no straw.

11. Buy yourself a reusable coffee cup and reusable drink bottle. Avoid wherever possible buying plastic bottled drinks & stop supporting businesses who are still refusing to use ECO friendly coffee cups etc. 

I call on ALL online shopping businesses to stop using plastic packaging - You have many options that are ECO friendly. We have MANY options as retailers to pay a little extra to save our planet in a small way.

In the past six months I have sent out thousands of parcels IN BROWN PAPER that is ECO friendly and only one person has told me their parcel was slightly ripped when it arrived. We send letters in paper envelopes and have done for years so why are companies still using plastic??

The time for change is now and every step counts.  This issue BREAKS my heart because its our planet and we are destroying it. We are so lucky to be able to live in this world and our laziness has lead to so much damage already to the world. 

Animals die everyday from plastic consumption as their is so much plastic in our oceans. Its time to do your part. I have posted some photos below and all I ask is that you don't contribute to the problem and you work toward solving it .

Jamie xx


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