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Hello Im Jamie and for those of you who don't know me I'm about to tell you my story behind FITNIT.

For my entire life Ive lived in a beautiful little area called Taupaki which is just out of Auckland. For those of you who haven't guessed I am an only child :P. So growing up it was Mum , Dad and I . 

When I was just 13 years old I lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack which shattered my world. 

It was July 13th 2003 and I had been over at a friends place just down the road. I rode my bike home and as I pedalled into the driveway I saw the Police car. I walked up onto the deck and Mum was there visibly distraught . I was told by Ses the Police man that my Dad had died while scuba diving at Leigh. 

Later that night we had to go to the Auckland Mortuary to identify Dads body.  

My Dad Eden was only 41 years old and was FIT, FAST, STRONG and appeared to be in PERFECT health.  

The weeks were a blur and the HARDEST time of my life but one thing that was stuck in my head was how amazing Ses the Police man had been. Such a horrible thing to have to tell a family that their loved one is dead but he was amazing in the situation which at that time inspired me to want to join the NZ Police to help other families going through the loss of a loved one.

Anyway I was still to young so I waited till i was 17 and applied for the Police.   

So many people doubted me, Everyone said I was to short to be a police officer (At only 155cm and 49kg) I definitely was SMALL but I was determined to prove them wrong and Ive never been good at listening so luckily this was another one of those times and just after my 18th Birthday I packed my bags and left for Police College in Porirua. 

This was my FIRST time leaving home and it was for 5 months. 

I graduated in 2008 and with no life experience. I learnt very quickly how much I didn't know and over the years developed a lot of life experience in a short time. Dealing with suicides, mental health, domestics, child abuse , fraud and violent offenders the list continues... 

Every day we would attend a number of domestic violence situations where many woman and men had little to no self esteem and were being re victimised time and time again.   

This was frustrating as there seemed to be no real solution and the system really did feel like it was failing these people as it was all reactive work and very little preventative measures were in place.

Plus we were always rushed with work coming out of our ears so it was off to the next job and time to forget the last job which was HARD.

This was where my first real idea about starting FITNIT came from and helping to build woman up through exercise. 

6 years ago  I was knocked unconscious after chasing a guy on meth up an alley way after he crashed a stolen car. (This actually was quite a normal job to attend) Sad but true jobs like this at 18.19,20 years old were my normal everyday routine. 

The guy eventually got 5 years in prison and i ended up with concussion and a few months off work which was the time when I started studying my personal training course.

I was due to go back to work and had already started running personal training sessions for Woman in Taupaki, I felt like this was my new found calling and it was so rewarding seeing ladies change their lives and get results through fitness.  The feeling of helping someone become the BEST version of themselves was priceless.

One night after taking a sleeping pill to help my crazy thinking mind fall asleep I went online and ordered a large order of Womans weight lifting gloves (This was unbeknown to me at the time the start of FITNIT ) Luckily the gloves arrived and it paid off when i started hearing the wonderful feedback from ladies rocking the FITNIT gloves in the gym.

While this was all happening I went through a really bad period of being depressed and dealing with anxiety which I believe was triggered from my concussion.

 I went through some horrible relationships was cheated on and had my heart broken. I went through times of not wanting to get out of bed and thinking I couldn't continue.I had many days of crying myself to sleep and I dealt for years with eating disorders and its taken a long time to find the version of me that I'm happy with.

 Ive gone through times of feeling like I'm not good enough and felt like I will never meet anyway or be happy.

The police changed me as a person it wasn't all bad I learnt valuable life skills and communication skills but it defiantly did  become very hard to trust people for quite some time and I became quite negative about life. 

I decided to resign from the Police in 2015 and pursue my dream of helping woman through exercise. 

This wasn't an easy decision it was a BLOODY SCARY ONE because this was my secure income and comfort zone which I was jumping out of to pursue the unknown with no idea whether I would be able to pay my mortgage or my bills but I had this desire to want to do more to help people.

The decision to start FITNIT was also running alongside my training business MAD FIT and I started bringing in lots of different styles to help woman develop their confidence. By making the tights squat proof and the tights high waisted so it helped woman feel better about themselves by adding in those little things which help with confidence. 

My second company MAD FIT was officially started in 2015 and started with training just 4 ladies in a group session, Now we have three locations and over 180 members.  I am very lucky to have a lady called Rach by my side who has been there supporting me from the start and who now works with me at Mad Fit.

These sessions are so important to me and so rewarding because I get to see amazing local mums and dads incorporating fitness into their lives and developing their confidence and self esteem too.  I mean obviously Its also my livelihood but the reward is much more from the results than the financial benefits.

I get to see Dads getting healthier too so they can live to be around for their kids longer than my Dad was & I get to see the amazing friendships develop as part of a FITNESS COMMUNITY.  This was a massive plus point in my life "If I can do one thing to save someone from loosing their dad at a young age well thats worth it" 

The Mums at MAD FIT have also been massive supporters of FITNIT and have helped so much throughout the years with feedback/product ideas etc.

Along the way I've made MANY mistakes, I've annoyed people and I've made some silly business decisions but EACH DAY I learn something new and every day I hear some feedback which makes me smile from ear to ear. I have learnt who is genuine and who is fake and I am working on learning to not take everything to heart.  

I have never been to university and I have never studied business or fashion design but that has not mattered at all because I have learnt along the way , Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

I have learnt that some people are GOOD HONEST people and that some people will never be happy and will always try and pull you down. I have learnt that without risk there is no reward.  

I am very lucky to have a great support network of people in my life who believed in me but I have also had A LOT OF CRITICISM from others along the way.   Some people never have nice things to say and will try and de rail everything you do but as long as you can ignore that sort of negativity I promise you will be fine.

My mum has always believed in me and has always told me to follow my dreams she also has always been there when I've had those bad times in my life. 

I am also very lucky now to have found my partner Ben who has been my rock for the past 3 years, He is the one who listens when I rant and is there when Im having a bad day and I have amazing friends who I am bloody lucky to have in my life. 

If I can share any advice from my journey thus far I would share the following : 

1. Don't ever be afraid to give something a go .

2. Surround yourself with those who believe in you and detach from those who don't.

3. Know who you can trust and who you can't.

4. Learn something everyday.

5. NEVER be afraid to apologise.

6. There is never an argument that you can win. 

7. NEVER doubt yourself there are other people who will do that for you.

8. Better to be the one who smiles than the one who doesn't smile back :) 

9. You only live once so go for it. 

10. Take RISKS.


12 . You can't please everyone .

Jamie xx 


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