Influences - Why we don't use them.

Back in 2015 when I started FITNIT everyone was all about paying influences to promote their brand etc and basically you pay the influencer to take photos and talk highly of your product. Initially I looked into this and then decided that personally I never wanted to do this which of course has slowed down the growth of FITNIT but its also kept it very organic and very real which was important to me.

Personally I didn’t want to pay someone to write on their social media about how amazing FITNIT is if they hadn’t felt that my brand was worth investing their money into! I already have absolute faith in the products I’m selling that’s why I LOVE seeing your genuine photos etc rocking my gear!
You may not be an instagram model BUT YOU Still look absolutely amazing and it’s REAL and this is what FITNIT is about! Keeping it genuine and I promise I’ll always always do that!
From time to time I’ve sent a few amazing ladies tights or activewear for free to try and I’ve 100% never expected them to post in it unless they genuinely LOVE IT!

Maybe I’m wrong but some of these influences want $4000 to do ONE post on social media and to be honest when I personally see influences post it’s VERY obvious to me that it’s paid and therefore to me it doesn’t seem genuine.

If your scrolling through social media there are SO MANY posts which are very obvious that they are sponsored and it has always made me personally question if that influences even likes that product or if they are just accepting payment to write about something that they wouldn't even otherwise have looked twice at.

Companies can grow at a rapid rate with influences but how detrimental can that then be to your Brand if its obvious that everyone is just promoting a product that you have given to them or paid them to talk about. I would MUCH rather people buy FITNIT try FITNIT and then write about FITNIT if they believe its worthy of doing without payment.

I’m all about genuine and real! I think we as woman should support each other’s brands and not expect free stuff.

I always support my friends brands etc I don’t expect anything free or discounted and the reason is this... I’m supporting a FRIEND .. I wouldn’t ask a stranger for a discount so therefore why would I ask a FRIEND for one.

Back in the day people used word of mouth as a valuable reliable referral but now I feel social media has absolutely taken away genuine from the equation people will say anything for money and it horrifies me.

I am wanting some ambassadors for my brand BUT you won’t be paid thousands you may receive a pair of tights to write an honest review on and if you don’t absolutely love and believe in my brand then that’s how I learn to make things better so always feel like you can tell me.

REAL Talk but it’s been bloody hard to build a brand without influences but hey I can say 1000000 percent I’ve never paid anyone and never brought fake followers etc! YOUR all very real 
Super excited that we are almost at 9K followers and your all bloody awesome and real people haha.

I will NEVER pay for likes! I will never pay for people to promote FITNIT because that’s not real 🖤
Would love to hear your opinions on this so feel free to send me a message.



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