Save the Environment with Activewear.

We have all seen the documentaries and the stories about how humans are destroying our world but what action are you taking to help make a difference.

I was on my way back to NZ from Barcelona in January this year and I watched a documentary on the flight home about how plastic is killing our sea life.  While sitting there watching the documentary I noted how much plastic was surrounding me sitting in my seat, Plastic bag for the cutlery, Plastic container for the butter, Plastic bag for the head phones.. It was horrifying and I just new that I needed to make a few changes to the way I was doing things once I got home.

Anyway for the last couple of years I have been sending out all your beautiful orders in plastic post bags the truth why is 1 because I hadn't even really thought about it and 2 there didn't seem to be any other options. When I got home I went online and ordered ECO friendly paper bags and they turned up from an ECO friendly company a few days later in a PLASTIC POST BAG... I again was mortified and went on a mission to find paper bags in a shop that DIDN'T have plastic wrapping which I have now done! 

Anyway our beautiful factory is no longer sending any orders to me in Plastic packaging either so we have already reduced our plastic use when it comes to FITNIT by 100%!

All of our order labels are PRINTED on paper and not covered in plastic either. It has been a risk because I feared that the items would get wet in the mail but thankfully there has been no issues and the Courier Man agrees that everyone for years has sent letters in paper envelopes and most of them are never damaged by the weather as they go from one letterbox to another so its a small thing but I'm sure we can all be using paper bags instead of plastic.

A FEW SMALL changes you should make in your life are:

  1. Buy a reusable glass coffee cup.
  2. Don't use reusable plastic bags pay for the canvas ones instead at the supermarket.
  3. Buy a reusable drink bottle.
  4. Invest in metal straws and take them with you in your bag (If you get takeaways ask for no straw)
  5. AVOID buying things in plastic bottles e.g. fizzy drink/water etc .
  6. If your sending things in the mail use PAPER over PLASTIC.
  7. AVOID adding extra plastic bags at the supermarket when getting vegetables/fruit etc just pop them straight in your trolley.

Together everyone achieves more, Small steps from everyone EQUALS BIG CHANGES for our beautiful planet. 


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