About Us 2022

About us.

Hi Guys , Meet Us the "Westons"

So obviously Im Jamie. Cool fact lol Im a Capricorn and whether you believe in star signs or not  i'm 10000% exactly like my star sign a goat always aiming to get up mountains along this journey of  life. I went to school at Taupaki Primary then to Massey High School. My Dad passed away when I was 13 years old suddenly which was a very hard time in my life for Mum and I.  I don't have any siblings.  I joined the Police at 18 years old I was probably one of the shortest & youngest Police officers to ever graduate lol.  I did 8 years out in West Auckland at Henderson Police Station then left and became a Personal trainer and started two businesses. FITNIT in 2015 and MAD FIT in 2015. MAD FIT is also still operating out in a town called Taupaki and I have trained hundreds of amazing Mums & Dads over the past 7 years out of a local hall. 

ANYWAY enough about me... Time to introduce you to my little legend family.

First I'll introduce Riley my little Pomeranian dog shown in the photo. Riley has been my most loyal companion for 12 years!!! He is the funniest and smartest little spoilt dog ever. Riley has literally been by my side since I was 20.  Riley is also a Capricorn lol

Next i'll introduce you to Ben my Husband. Ben is a jack of all trades like he can literally do & fix everything but he's also a Marine engineer by trade. Ben came into my life 6 years ago and changed my life for the better. I knew he was the one because life together was simple and less stressful and full of fun, love and adventures. Ben is my absolute rock he's the calm to my storm and I will forever be grateful to have found him on TINDER lol.

We did lots of travelling together before getting Married in 2020. We were actually SUPER lucky because our Wedding & Honeymoon all happened before Covid hit NZ so we didn't have the stress like so many others have had of planning a wedding during this Covid pandemic.

We started trying for a baby a few months after our Honeymoon and it was quite a shock when it happened straight away. I remember taking 4 tests because I wasn't sure I believed them lol and then I rung Ben at work and told him because I couldn't wait for him to get home. 

Being pregnant for me was a VERY weird time of my life lol. Its really unenjoyable trying to train when you have a growing belly but I was very lucky and had a really good pregnancy with no complications. 

Anyway our beautiful little man Grayson was born on April 14th 2021 our little fire sign (Hes 10months old now) and he changed our world for the better but becoming parents has certainly been a huge life change and I know everyone tells you that but until you actually have a baby you don't really realise how much your life changes. Grayson is a bundle of happiness and HE never cries. He is also very busy & determined.

Thats us the "Weston Family" Maybe one day we will try and add another little cute person to our lives but for now it's all about working and achieving our goals while creating fun memories along the way. Thank you for supporting FITNIT its always the BEST seeing you guys rocking our brand out and about and without all of you it wouldn't be possible.

Follow more of our journey on Instagram @FITNITNZ and of course send us your photos rocking your activewear because I #LOVE seeing it

Jamie xx 

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