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Mum Life.... The Mum Club

Expectations,Opinions & Advice from people when your pregnant or have just had a baby....Can be #ANNOYING #STRESSFUL & #RUDE but can also be #AMAZING #HELPFUL & #SUPPORTIVE  remember they are also usually coming from a good place and people do genuinely want to help you. Questions I was asked such as Should you be training? Who has your baby? You should really be at home with your baby while he is this young.....Are you breastfeeding?Did you have a na...

September 30, 2021


I know I have written about this before but its something I AM SO PASSIONATE about changing and thats the DAMAGE that HUMANS are doing to our amazing planet everyday. Please take 5 minutes to read this & Ive posted some images below to help you realise how horrific the actual problem is. Sir David Attenborough is one of my biggest idols in the world and the documentaries he has created are a SURE sign of the effects global warming is having on our environment and the HORRIFIC ways humans ar...

April 2, 2019

About Me

Hello Im Jamie and for those of you who don't know me I'm about to tell you my story behind FITNIT.For my entire life Ive lived in a beautiful little area called Taupaki which is just out of Auckland. For those of you who haven't guessed I am an only child :P. So growing up it was Mum , Dad and I . When I was just 13 years old I lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack which shattered my world. It was July 13th 2003 and I had been over at a friends place just down the road. I rode my bike ...

March 12, 2019

Influences - Why we don't use them.

Back in 2015 when I started FITNIT everyone was all about paying influences to promote their brand etc and basically you pay the influencer to take photos and talk highly of your product. Initially I looked into this and then decided that personally I never wanted to do this which of course has slowed down the growth of FITNIT but its also kept it very organic and very real which was important to me. Personally I didn’t want to pay someone to write on their social media about how amazing FITNI...

February 12, 2019

Save the Environment with Activewear.

We have all seen the documentaries and the stories about how humans are destroying our world but what action are you taking to help make a difference.I was on my way back to NZ from Barcelona in January this year and I watched a documentary on the flight home about how plastic is killing our sea life.  While sitting there watching the documentary I noted how much plastic was surrounding me sitting in my seat, Plastic bag for the cutlery, Plastic container for the butter, Plastic bag fo...

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