You are the BOSS of your own life.

Happy International Women's Day !!For years I tried to "Fit in". Fit in because I didn't really know what path I wanted for my life this is probably fairly normal for People in their early 20s but  I didn't know what my passions were in life and I didn't know what my pu...
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If I’m honest it’s taken me years to get comfortable in my own skin…. YEARS to feel happy with my body… years to accept my flaws . Having Grayson made me realise and appreciate how amazing the human body actually is. For those who have been following me for...
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Having thick skin

May 12, 2022
Everyone has an opinion, Everyone has a view of what they think is the "right way to do things"Just remember what matters in your journey is your own opinion and decisions not anyone elses and you cant please everyone because everyone has had different experiences of motherh...
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What we are about

April 28, 2022
This was from our photoshoot the other day. This photo to me is such a great representation of what my brand Fitnit is about. All of these ladies including me are MUMS. All of these Ladies were really quite nervous about doing this photoshoot when I messaged them. All of the...
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About Us 2022

March 2, 2022

About us.

Hi Guys , Meet Us the "Westons"So obviously Im Jamie. Cool fact lol Im a Capricorn and whether you believe in star signs or not  i'm 10000% exactly like my star sign a goat always aiming to get up mountains along this journey of  life. I went to school at Taupaki P...
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Mum Life.... The Mum Club

September 30, 2021


Expectations,Opinions & Advice from people when your pregnant or have just had a baby....Can be #ANNOYING #STRESSFUL & #RUDE but can also be #AMAZING #HELPFUL & #SUPPORTIVE  remember they are also usually coming from a good place and p...
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I know I have written about this before but its something I AM SO PASSIONATE about changing and thats the DAMAGE that HUMANS are doing to our amazing planet everyday. Please take 5 minutes to read this & Ive posted some images below to help you realise how horrific the ...
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About Me

March 12, 2019

My TRUE Story

Hello Im Jamie and for those of you who don't know me I'm about to tell you my story behind FITNIT.For my entire life Ive lived in a beautiful little area called Taupaki which is just out of Auckland. For those of you who haven't guessed I am an only child :P. So growing up ...
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Back in 2015 when I started FITNIT everyone was all about paying influences to promote their brand etc and basically you pay the influencer to take photos and talk highly of your product. Initially I looked into this and then decided that personally I never wanted to do this...
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We have all seen the documentaries and the stories about how humans are destroying our world but what action are you taking to help make a difference.I was on my way back to NZ from Barcelona in January this year and I watched a documentary on the flight home about how ...
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