We are a small family owned NZ business. We are based in a small Rural area outside of Auckland.  I have a strong belief that its our clothings job to make everyBODY feel amazing when you put it on. Activewear that is designed to make you feel and look amazing.  Our clothing is manufactured with the most beautiful fabrics & the most beautiful quality in our factory in Pakistan.  We keep all of our packaging that we send you orders in 100% compostable to help with saving the enviroment,

Why I started FITNIT

I use to be a Police officer in the NZ Police from the age of 18 for almost 8 years I was often attending jobs especially domestic violence incidents where Woman in some cases were Victims and often lacked the self confidence or strength to leave abusive relationships behind.

We were usually very busy and understaffed so the jobs became quite quickly "dealt" with usually so we could move on to the next job to help more people however I feel like it was never truly finding solutions to help these situations from continuing to occur and we would regularly see the same families time and time again.

I felt so helpless & I didn't have job satisfaction or a feeling of accomplishment as some weeks we would attend so many Domestic violence incidents usually resulting in the parties just being separated or someone being arrested.I wanted to help Woman find a way to be Stronger & feel better about themselves so they would never let someone treat them badly EVER.

So anyway long story shortish  I actually started my Personal training course & got qualified then started running workout sessions for Woman.I felt that the way to help Woman improve Confidence/Mental well-being & of course Physical health was of course EXERCISE. While running exercise sessions I also wanted to create an Activewear brand where Woman put activewear on & felt empowered because the Activewear made everyBODY look & feel good in it no matter what shape or size the person wearing it was. 

 I have trained hundreds of Ladies over the past 7 years and all of them have had such a big input into the designs created at FITNIT activewear.  If I can help any Woman develop her Confidence through Exercise & Activewear then thats a big achievement to me.  No Woman or Man should be treated badly or be subject to Violence ever and I truly believe that if we focus on our self worth and confidence we will never be subjected to becoming a Victim in a situation like this. 

Pay over 6 weeks with Lay Buy or Stripe

Pay over 6 weeks with Lay Buy or Stripe


"I have been a proud supporter of this amazing NZ brand for a few years now. The crops are amazing and so comfy especially to sleep in . The leggings are comfy squat proof and HIGH WAISTED too which is a bonus cause come on who doesn't like to hold in that muffin top"

- Ali Richards (Endowarrior)

"I love the high waist of the tights and that they don't roll down when exercising. Super comfy and they hold in all the wobbly bits perfectly :D Most importantly I love that they are squat proof because no-one wants undies on show" 


"I absolutely love my Fitnit Tights! They are super comfy, have an amazing was it band that doesn't roll down! Have some awesome designs which is so cool to stand out from the typical black workout tights and most importantly they are squat proof which of course all fitness lovers would know is a absolute must" 


All of the models on the website are Mums that workout in our local bootcamp MAD FIT. MAD FIT is based in a small rural area of NZ called Taupaki. Real woman of all Shapes, Sizes & Ages looking amazing. FITNIT is about activewear for everyBODY to feel and look great in.

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